We develop custom software solutions that address our clients' toughest Design challenges. Vectra's team is passionate about developing creative, sophisticated software solutions for Mechanical Design (CAD) which dramatically improve:Quality ,Productivity & Cost,Lead-time.

Vectra's team develops KBE solutions to address our clients' toughest challenges. Our proprietary algoirthms are CAD-platform agnostic and this architecture enables us to rapidly deploy client-specific solutions on various CAD platforms.

Automated Drawing Generation

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Vectra’s proprietary software automates the generation of Engineering Drawings from the 3D CAD models created by our clients. Our software produces error-free drawings with quick turnaround time and lower costs (compared with human designers).

  • Places the Primary View and required Projections on the Drawing Sheet(s)
  • Determines Optimal Scaling Factor
  • Determines Datum Faces, Datum Holes as appropriate
  • Places O-Line Symbols, Linear and Ordinate Dimensions, Surface Finish Symbols, Radius Values
  • No Missing Dimensions, no Redundant Dimensions, no Wrong Datums
  • Numbers the holes in a sequence that optimizes machining time and generates Hole Chart
  • Generates Stock List, Bill-of-Material, Title Block information
  • Generates Tooling Unit Layout

Hole Alignment Checking

Vectra's Hole Check Module automates the Checking of Hole-related errors in the 3D CAD model and enables the user to quickly identtify and rectify the errors.

The Alignment of Holes with mating Holes, Shafts and Slots are a major source of errors in the Design of custom Tooling & Equipment. Checking of 3D CAD models performed by human is slow, expensive and largely ineffective.

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